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Pat Donaldson

Costume Jewelry Artist

Pat is the owner of That’s Empressive Gallery and besides bringing in work from her artistic friends from across the country, she herself makes and sells jewelry. There’s a definite emphasis on the bold and the chunky as opposed to the delicate and dainty. 

Look for single, double and triple strand necklaces … some with large pendants, some with “pearls” and other shiny bits. There are earrings to match the necklaces but they sell quickly … so if you see something you like, don’t hesitate if you want a matching set. Pat also is a master when it comes to working with polymer clays. These aren’t clays that have been dug out of the ground … they’re man-made polymers that are manufactured in primary colours then mixed by the artist to the particular shade or hue that compliments her designs. 

Look closely at her patterns. Each pin or necklace is unique. The intricate designs are individually cut and pieced together ENTIRELY from clay. Nothing is painted … not even the details in the faces of her signature “lady pins”. 


Date: July 3, 2018

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